If you have forgotten the password of your Windows account and don’t have an install CD with you, don’t worry a little as we have a solution to this problem. There are many ways one can reset his/her password, some of them are very complicated and probably require a professional touch but there are some easy ways too.

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Here are some simple steps that will help you retrieve your password.

1. Create A Boot Disk

Well first of all you will have to create a boot disk using some other PC. You can download the bootdisk from here.

The next step is to burn the image file to a disk. You can use any ISO image burner software to do this.

2. Resetting Your Password

Now boot your PC through the boot disk. If your PC doesn’t allow you to do so you might have to tweak your BIOS settings a little bit so that booting from a CD can be allowed.

Now you will have to navigate your way through certain steps most of which require hitting “Enter” only. For example the first step asks you if you want to use the first partition of the hard disk where one is set by default. In the second step as well where the PC asks for the path to your registry and the best one is already defined as default so hit ENTER.

Next, the computer will ask whether you would like to Edit User Info and Passwords so hit enter on this step as well.

On the next screen you will have to type in the Username whose password you want to reset.

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You can either change the password or make it blank and then change it once you open up your Windows account on your PC. We would recommend the latter one as it will be easier for most of the users.

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Saving the Settings

Now in order to save your settings, first type in an exclamation mark ‘!’ to quit and then type in ‘Y’. The computer will then show “EDIT COMPLETE” message.

Reboot your computer and login to your account without any problems. Once that is done you can change your password.

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