‘Hands-Free Control’ Lets You Invoke SIRI With Voice

'Hands-Free Control' Lets You Invoke SIRI With Voice

If SIRI was not enough to please the lazy people out there this new tweak will surely help SIRI please them.

A new jailbreak tweak by the name of Hands-Free Control will open up Voice Commanding app ON when you ask for it i.e. no more holding down the home button for initiating Siri Assistant, you just have to call it the same way you call your beloveds probably.

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This new tweak is not as flexible as SIRI (this might be because of inferior microphone than on 4S) and only listens to your robotic voice but once you get the settings and everything right there is no other hurdle to cross.

You can open the voice control app by just saying SIRI on the microphone and if you get it right, the voice command application will open up in just a few seconds.

I think that this feature will mix up quite well with the SIRI application on the iPhone 4S but we will have to wait to use this application on the iPhone 4S until it gets jailbroken.

[via IDB]