‘Faster Than Light’ Theory Rejected, Einstein Still On The Safe Side

'Faster Than Light' Theory Rejected, Einstein Still On The Safe Side

September ’11 was taken over by the new revelation of CERN regarding the discovery of a particle i.e. neutrino moving faster than light. The findings challenged the theory of relativity proposed by Einstein.

A group of researchers hailing from Italy and studying the same particle have pointed out some shortcomings in the calculations.

Sixty nanoseconds early arrival of the neutrino beam as compared to that of light was observed by a team of members working in OPERA experiment at Gran Sasso (South of Rome) in CERN labs.

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Another experiment run by Italy’s National Institute of National Physics, being carried out at Gran Sasso acronym as ICARUS, could not digest this discovery and has found the calculations somewhat contradictory. They popularized their claim on the same web site as where OPERA shared its results.

ICARUS’s argument is based on the discovery of two U.S physicists according to whom; the particle neutrino should have lost a considerable amount of energy if it would have travelled faster than light while pumped down from CERN. But as they have observed, the particle maintained the same amount of energy as that of any particle travelling at the luminous speed.

A physicist working at CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research and the U.S Fermilab near Chicago termed the research paper published by ICARUS as “very simple and definitive”. In fact he claims that the difference between the speed of light and neutrino cannot be as large as observed by OPERA and predicted the later to have a speed three orders smaller than that of former.

The idea of relativity proposed by Einstein in 1905 is the epicentre and foundation of current science of cosmos and the behavior of its composite particles. According to his theory, nothing can travel faster than light does.

Even when OPERA had disclosed their findings, they face a lot of disbelief. They themselves were unsure and made it clear that they did not announce a discovery but recorded measurements they had made and checked prudently.

Other such experiment with neutrino beams are being prepared by Fermilab and Physicist in Japan. Results from these sources will now decide on the fate of these theories.

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