Apple To Release iPad 2S And iPad 3 Next Year [REPORT]

Apple To Release iPad 2S And iPad 3 Next Year [REPORT]

A report published today suggests that Apple might not release the iPhone 5 next year, rather they would launch two new models of the iPad.

DigiTimes, a Chinese newspaper website, claims that people in the upstream supply chain have said that Apple is going to release two different models of the iPad in 2012. Of the two models one of them is just going to be a small update of the iPad 2 and will probably be called the iPad 2S; it will have a better processor and also a better battery life.

The second model touted to be released in the next year in Q3 will be the actual third generation iPad. Since we somewhat believe in this rumor, it would not be unwise to consider another rumor according to which the iPad 3 will contain a quad core processor that will be incorporated in an Apple A6 chipset.

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The official statement from DigiTimes says,

Apple’s new generation iPad will enter mass production soon with the launch set for March 2012, according to sources from the upstream supply chain; however, the sources revealed that internally Apple does not view the new iPad product as iPad 3, but rather an upgraded iPad 2 and the real iPad 3 will not be launched until the third quarter of 2012 at the earliest.

Well in my opinion this report seems like it has been made up. Just this year, there were speculations that Apple might introduce another iPad even after successfully launching of the iPad 2. Would Apple release something to stop the sales of its own device? I don’t think so!

Hence, we can say that Digitimes report is nothing but a false alarm. We are all aware of the secretive nature of Apple Inc. and we know that Apple would never allow someone to leak even a tiny bit of information about its upcoming devices so early. The example can be the iPhone 4S’ release when everyone thought that iPhone 5 was going to be released but that was not the case.

So we should really not care about the release of a new iPad given the fact that we already have something new to play with right now (the iPhone 4S). But we know for sure that iPad 3 is going to released someday; we just don’t know when.