The Patent War: Apple vs. Samsung [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Patent War: Apple vs. Samsung [INFOGRAPHIC]

The cat and mouse combats between Apple and its rivals are always a hot topic for tech geeks for pinning their opinions upon. Apple is more after catching others using its intellectual property than even creating it at first place. As the one started in April 2011, the law suit Apple filed against Samsung for copying its iPhone and iPad designs. The courts worldwide responded to Apple’s call well. Those of Europe and Australia consented on banning Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold in the market just before the holidays.

Presented here is an informative infographic highlighting the roots and subsequent progression of the Apple’s chase of Samsung? What are your thoughts about iDevices resembling the ones by Samsung?

Note: Open the image in a new tab for full size view.

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[via Mashable]