Apple Leaks iPhone 5 And iPad 3 In The iOS 5.1 Firmware

Apple Leaks iPhone 5 And iPad 3 In The iOS 5.1 Firmware 1

We just posted an article on the recently released beta of iOS 5.1. Well now, folks at 9to5mac tweaked with the iOS 5.1 Beta a little bit and found a reference of the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3(or whatever they will be called) in the iOS 5.1 Beta firmware.

The iPhone 5 model, as they report, is dubbed as iPhone 5,1, will have a 4 inch screen but will have nothing new in terms of processor and performance,

A new 4,x model would represent minor external changes, but nothing new on the inside in terms of processing power. For example, the iPhone 3G went from the original iPhone’s 1,1 to 1,2 because there were no internal speed and performance enhancements, just 3G and a GPS.

iPhone 5

Another thing they found out was a reference of the next iPad, dubbed as the “iPad 3,3” as well as another upcoming iPad named “iPad 2,4”. The iPad 2,4 can be the iPad 2 for Sprint, while the iPad 3,3 will most probably be the successor to the iPad 2.

iPad 3,3


iPad 2,4

It is hoped that the iPad 3 will be released sometime around March. So be patient and wait for it, March isn’t much far from now.