Android Users Are Less Cautious About Security Risks Compared To iOS

Android Users Are Less Cautious About Security Risks Compared To iOS

It may seem to some that mobile users are all security freaks, wanting their data to be secure to the core, but a research by Websence suggests otherwise. The trend is different in iOS and Android users and that related to the security measures they offer.

Android can be thought of a mobile OS for those who like to expand their boundaries, tailor rules according to their will and jump into the fire (take risks) intentionally. It made more sense after the research results were brought about. The study suggests that those who pick Android are not as concerned about the security as their iOS carrying counterparts.

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The report might seem to give an insight about the devices rather than the operating systems, users are interested in. Nevertheless, the report suggests android users to get into the “questionable” activities.

These activities ranging from searching for information for playing around with the software stuff, using peer-peer downloading applications and other such wicked deeds instead of shooting off angry birds for scoring points.

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Android users mostly find ways to download or say grab phone app for free from anywhere on the internet, whereas on other hand, Apple customers seems quite satisfied buying them from apple’s app store. That can be attributed to the fact that Apple’s iPhone is so locked down that people prefer paying for them than using the alternate i.e jail breaking.

Considering the fact that only a very acute number of iOS users go for that approach, they really think the app masters deserve their money.

Android users are happy downloading apps from anywhere on the internet. Not really concerned about their security, if the users do not really know what risks they are facing, can’t imagine what sort of malwares millions of handsets carry in them.

Though the closed ecosystem and its counterpart are the hot topics for geek debates, but one thing is for sure that the security measures taken by Apple are unarguable.

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