Android Phones Break More Often Than iPhones And Blackberries

Android Phones Break More Often Than iPhones And Blackberries

According to a recent study carried out by WDS, Android phones are more prone to breaking than iPhones and Blackberries because of the unreliable components they are made up of. The study also revealed that the repair costs to global telecom operators could increase by up to £1.25 billion(2 billion dollars).

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The unreliable and cheap hardware components of Android phones is the main reason for breaking, compared to relatively high quality and expensive hardware of iPhones and Blackberries.

Moreover, Android operating system runs on smartphones from many different manufacturers; that means Google doesn’t have any control over the hardware whereas Apple and RIM have strict control over the quality of the hardware components used in their phones.

Well, there’s a positive side too! Android phones with cheaper hardware are available for as low as $100 that almost everyone can afford — and in my opinion getting a $100 smartphone is pretty awesome!!

What would you prefer, damage-prone Android phone or $600 iPhone/Blackberry? Let us know in comments.

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