9 Great Apple Mac Tools For Bloggers

9 Great Apple Mac Tools For Bloggers

Apple makes one of the best computer platforms in the world. That’s why more professionals, including bloggers, choose Macs over Windows PCs every day. Many bloggers choose to use Web-based browsing tools, but others would like to use blogging software installed on their computer like their counterparts who use Windows. There is hope. The following list includes 9 great Apple Mac tools for bloggers they can start using today.

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1. TextExpander

An easy-to –use text editor helps bloggers create their content offline faster than ever before. With just a single keystroke, users can enter text they frequently used. Rather than typing the same sentence, paragraph or word over and over again. Write faster and more effectively than ever before and then paste your work to your blog. TextExpander costs $34.99 from the Mac Store.

2. MindNode

Sometimes bloggers need help getting their thoughts organized. With a simple mind mapping program for Mac, they can quickly arrange their ideas and write about them to create powerful blog posts every time. MindNode has a free version, but a pro version costs $19.99 from the Mac Store.

3. Think

The challenge of staying focused limits productivity and income. Use this innovative program as a tool to keep you on track with your work by limiting your attention to only one Mac application at a time. This app is free.

4. QuickSilver

Use this unified interface to work faster and smarter with all your applications, music, contacts and data. Those who use QuickSilver say that it is the best productivity application for the Mac. QuickSilver is available as a free download from Blacktree.

5. MarsEdit

Compatible with a variety of blogging platforms, MarsEdit makes it easy to upload content to your blog from your Mac. Edit HTML, integrate multimedia and blog from anywhere, even when there’s no Internet. A trial version of this application is available for free, but to continue using it, Mac owners must pay $39.95.

6. Hazel

Bloggers spend so much time blogging they don’t spend time keeping their Mac organized. Hazel can help. This application watches folders and sorts and labels files on the fly. Hazel also helps remove unwanted files left behind when applications are uninstalled. Hazel also works with iTunes. A free trial of Hazel is available, but users must pay $21.95 to keep it.

7. Emacs

This powerful editor does all that a blogger could ever want. Built-in support for HTML, PHP, Python and other content, bloggers no longer must switch between editors when they need to get under the hood of their blog. Emacs is free, but the developer accepts donations.

8. Scrivener

Scrivener is a powerful app for writers that helps with brainstorming, outlining and distraction-free full-screen writing. With the full creative support of Scrivener, bloggers may find they no longer need Word. After a free trial, Scrivener costs $45.

9. RapidWeaver

Liberate your blogging with this Web-creation software. Whether bloggers need a new page or an entirely new website, RapidWeaver gets the job done. Integrated publishing support makes uploading content to the Web easier than ever. RapidWeaver costs $79.95.

After reading about these 9 great Apple Mac tools for bloggers, Mac users should try them out risk-free and then buy or keep the ones that help them the most.