4-Inch Displays Being Shipped By Apple Suppliers, Are They For iPhone 5?

4-Inch Displays Being Shipped By Apple Suppliers, Are They For iPhone 5?

Appears the recently launched iPhone could not come up to the expectations of consumers. Nevertheless, it has been attracting buyers because of its solidity, A5 chip and very much improved camera.

The buzzes of the fruit company aiming for 4S new design and wider screen weren’t thought to be true but it seems that they were.

No matter how satisfied their customers are with the new 4S, rumors, as they seem, are circulating all over about what Apple has to offer next. As reported by Macotakara, 4 inch LCD displays are being shipped by Hitachi Displays ltd. and Sony Mobile Display corp. apparently they are being brought for the new iDevice(iPhone 5) in the pipeline.

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Till date, Apple has always been defiant to enlarge their mobile screens. All their phones had 3.5 inch display screens, while other companies had gone all-out to augment their display screens.

It has also been cited in one of the Asian news resource that along with these 4” LCDs for the hitherto unnamed Apple’s iOS baby, an LCD for the version 3 of iPad is also included in the shipments. This one for iPads is expected to be a Retina Display, unless Apple decides otherwise. Though not named officially but only the next iOS device seems to be the recipient of the new amplified display.

Experts are of the opinion that, though the cupertino co. had kept the size smaller as the thumb only covers those dimensions, but by upgrading to size 4, iPhone users while enjoying operating the device fully with a single hand will also have the benefit of a larger display. This feature isn’t available with the like of Samsung’s Galaxy Note, despite having 5 inch screens.

Keeping the speculations and apprehensions aside, we still hope that Apple comes up to our expectations this time with the extended display and adequately addressed battery and Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

As with the iPad 3, expectations are no less. The highly anticipated and advanced retina display expected to take iBook, Newsstand and other new features put in by the team headed by Tim Cook to the new heights of standards.

[Image via 9to5Mac]