‎16% Of All Cellphones Have Traces Of Poop On Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

‎16% Of All Cellphones Have Traces Of Poop On Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new study says that 16% of all the cellphones have poop on them and if this is not enough to scare you, consider this; almost all of your favourite tech toys have unexplainable amounts of germs on them.

For instance, keyboards, you are happily using them carelessly but do you know that a keyboard contains has 60 times more germs than your average toilet seat? Moving on to your TV remote, do you know it is the dirtiest item in the house? I bet you don’t!

How am I saying all of this? Well folks at ‘Keeping it Kleen’ have revealed dirty knowledge that we do not actually want to know in an infographic. Take a look!

Note: Open the image in a new tab for a full size view.

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