Top 10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Youtube

Top 10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Youtube

A world without YouTube is unimaginable now. This largest video sharing site has literally become the off terrestrial television of our age. With YouTube’s sixth birthday round the corner, let’s have a look on interesting and mind boggling statistics about our favourite video sharing site.

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1. Top Video

Justin Bieber’s Baby video holds the record of being mostly watched. With 645,000,000+ views it stands on the very top of the winner aisle whereas a video of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” secures second place with over 422 million views.

2. Front Page Hits

The number of hits YouTube’s front or homepage receives every day, without any exaggeration, is as high as 45,000,000.

3. Most popular Advertisement

Receiving over a million (1,000,000) views, the advertisement of Nike ‘touch of gold’ shot in 2005, is the most popular advertisement so far. It is mainly due to the Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho been casted in it.

4. Official Channels

‘The royal channel’ ; a channel dedicated for the activities of British royals, from their Christmas charity dinners to their weddings, was launched by the Queen in 2007. Afterwards, pope as well as the president of U.S Barak Obama launched their official channels in early 2009.

5. Time Length Of All The Videos

For making or record of watching all the videos on YouTube second by second, it will take 1700 whole years. No wonder not claimed so far.

6. Time Length Of Videos Scanned Every Day

YouTube has a copyright finger printing system. It issues a content ID the holder of which has a right to block or make money from unauthorized videos. The number of years of content ID’s scanned everyday by the site is as high as 100. One of the factors responsible for it is the free of cost service, and it is currently being used by 1000 content partners globally.

7. Non U.S traffic

Seventy percent of the traffic on YouTube comes from outside the United States of America.

8. Time length Of Videos Uploaded Everyday

Till May 2009, 20 hours of videos were being uploaded on YouTube every minute. The trend has shown a twenty percent increase. Thus right now the calculated length of videos uploaded each minute is 24 hours (a whole day uploaded in a single minute).

9. Localized Services

YouTube also provides localized services to some countries, i.e. featuring their language and mostly browsed videos etc. right now this, twenty three countries are enjoying this service. YouTube has been translated into twenty four languages.

10. Time Spent By Users on YouTube

An average user spends at least 15 minutes of a day on YouTube, still far less than five hours of television. The team YouTube has targeted to raise this average to even more than that of television and kick the traditional terrestrial broadcasting out of our lives.