What Will Be Different About The iPhone 5, And Why You Will Go For It

What Will Be Different About The iPhone 5, And Why You Will Go For It

All Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the release of the new iPhone which is going to launch on 4th October and will be available the following week.

Apple has always kept its phones secret and this one is no exception. However,  Mark Gurman from 9to5mac has been able to get hold of the information and according to his predictions the iPhone 5 will have features that will make you upgrade to new phone.

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Reported Specifications

According to the reported specifications, the iPhone 5 will be a great upgrade from its ancestors. It will feature the same processor as the iPad 2; the dual core A5 processor for possibly greater web browsing and gaming experience.

1GB of RAM, which is about twice the memory of the iPad 2. This will help in operation of some of the unique features that will be incorporated in the new phone.

An 8-megapixel camera that will allow to take great pictures even in low light conditions due to its backlit sensor. The iOS 5 SDK supported great panoramic photos and it will also include some further enhancements for the iPhone’s camera including shortcuts for taking quick pictures through the volume rockers.

The phone will also be home for Qualcomm Gobi Based Chips that will enable easy switching between GSM and CDMA network which will make it capable of running on almost all carriers.

These features are a great step forward from Apple to create a modern smartphone that is up to date to the required and trending features of some of the best smartphones out there. Apple has been known to introduce something that is not found anywhere else and this time we expect them to do the same.

There is another new feature that will be introduced through the iPhone 5 called ‘Assistant’.


Assistant is a voice recognition application that was introduced in iPhone 3GS. This time Apple wanted to up the bar of the meaning ‘smart’ in smartphones. They have been working with Nuance for the Assistant feature and according to rumours; looks like you will be having your very own personal assistant in your phone.

This new feature will be initiated by just holding the home button for a couple of seconds. It will help in initiating many other applications just like the Voice Control app in the iPhone 3GS and also have some advanced features.

The Assistant application will be able to send e-mails with specific contents. Like if you want to meet someone you can e-mail him or her with help of this application. You will just have to say,”Arrange a meeting with X or Y”. The assistant will then ask you the location of the meet-up and then the conversation will keep going until the app has attained all the information. Then it will send the e-mail to the person you want to. It will just like talking to your phone just as if you would want to do with your own personal assistant.

Assistant will also work with Apple’s FindMyFriends app to locate the friends around you. Wolfram Alpha will also be compatible with Assistant and your questions about Science or Mathematics will be answered while you are talking to your phone. In addition, Nuance’s Speech-to-text application will also be compatible with this new feature.

The new features will definitely be something that no other smartphone has at the moment. We will have to wait and see if these features delivers as much as they have been talked about.