Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Phones Of 2011

Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Phones Of 2011 1

Although the smart phone world has been dominated by the Android and iOS operating systems, 2011 might be the year of the Windows 7 phone. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Windows 7 phones in 2011.

10. HTC HD7htc hd7

Boasting a 4.3 inch LCD screen, the HTC HD7 is one of the best phones for viewing digital content. The HD7 even comes with a kickstand so you can set the phone up for watching movies or TV shows that you download. The 5MP camera shoots video upto 720p and the unit has proximity sensor, accelerometer for rotating UI. It is powered by 1 GHz Scorpion processor.

9. HTC 7 Mozart

htc mozart,mozart

Although the 3.7 inch screen is a step down from the HD7, the UK exclusive 7 Mozart will have customers jealous of the onboard features. The onboard camera is 8mp that shoots in 720p HD. Since the 7 Mozart is not powering such a large display, the battery life is a lot better than the HD7. The phone has the same amount of sensors so it will be able to change from portrait to landscape just like the HD7

8. LG Optimus 7

optimus 7,lg optimus 7

The first of the Windows 7 operating system phones, the LG Optimus 7 is smaller than the 7 Mozart. This phone has LG specific features like “Play-To” and “Scansearch” for playing digital content and capturing information.

7. Samsung Omnia 7

samsung omnia 7,omnia 7

Samsung’s Omnia 7 has a 1GHz processor and comes with a 5mp camera. The display is run on AMOLED instead of LCD, but the phone comes with an onboard FM radio tuner. The camera has the ability to shoot video and pictures in 720p HD and the 1500mAh battery will keep you snapping pictures all day.

6. Dell Venue Pro

venue pro,dell venue pro

The first of computer manufacturer Dell, the Dell Venue Pro comes with a portrait view QWERTY keyboard. This is a familiar site to cell phone users who can’t stand a screen driven keyboard. The Dell Venue Pro uses the AMOLED screen just like the Samsung Omnia 7.

5. HTC 7 Pro

htc 7 pro,7 pro

Primarily used for business connectivity, the HTC 7 Pro has a 3.6 inch screen and the same surround sound technology as the HD7. The best feature of the HTC 7 Pro is that it comes with 16GB of storage. The 7 Pro also has a full QWERTY keyboard.

4. HTC 7 Trophy

htc trophy,htc 7 trophy

This phone has a 3.8 inch touch screen and comes with 8GB of storage. The HTC 7 Trophy also comes with a 5mp camera onboard and can be used with Vodafone.

3. LG E900 Optimus 7

lg e900

The LG E900 Optimus 7 comes with a 1GHz processor and a TFT touch screen. The phone has 480×800 resolutions and a 3.8 inch screen. This phone also comes with 16GB of storage and 512 MB of Ram.

2. Samsung Focus

samsung focus

The Samsung Focus Smartphone comes with a 1 GHz Scorpion processor and a Super AMOLED touch screen. The phone boasts 480×800 resolutions on a 4 inch screen. The phone comes with 8GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM installed. The camera onboard is 5mp and the has the ability to shoot in HD.

1. LG Quantum

lg quantom

The LG Quantum Windows 7 smart phone is one of the mobile broadband deals with a 1GHz processor and 16GB of storage. The phone also has 256 MB of RAM and a TFT touch screen. The phone’s screen is 3.5 inches and has 480×800 resolutions.