Top 10 Tools To Embed Videos In WordPress Post

Top 10 Tools To Embed Videos In WordPress Post

Online video industry is booming. Millions video views, years of uploaded videos, thousands of shared videos per day – these are results of online video revolutions. Nowadays there are many video hosting services private and public, so each of us have a chance to enjoy favorite video online. The blogosphere is on the wave of video publishing. Bloggers have various tools to embed videos. Some of them are free, others are pricy. Let’s look at Top 10 tools to embed videos in WordPress post.

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1. HTML 5 Code

HTML5 is one of the most famous new techniques. It’s widely discussed thanks to new video playback and other cool features. Surely, HTML5 video enriches web surfing experience. It eliminates the need for a special flash player on a WordPress page. However, it has a disadvantage – it is supported only by the latest versions of web browsers. Besides, you need to convert video to most popular video formats, keep these video files on your server and have sufficient coding skills.

2. Free Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a popular free video converter. Known for its simplicity, the video converter has an advanced option – convert video for web. If you convert a video to SWF or FLV format, you will be given a web flash player code automatically. Copy the code and upload video to server- no more else to do. Probably it’s one of the easiest ways to embed video into a blog page.

3. Free Video Coding

Free video coding is a web app that helps to create a web player. The process is simple – go to the website, follow steps, add your video URL and post the code to your blog page. The player is pure and quite laconic, thus suitable for a novice web blogger.

4. Video LightBox

Video LightBox offers beautiful pop-up flash players for your video. If you want to embed something more sophisticated than Free Video Coding or plain HTML5 frame – Video LightBox is what you been looking for. You can select various sorts of player designs: rounded, rectangular, Polaroid or yellow sticker styles. Besides, browse device-targeted templates – Mac, PC, Android or Facebook like player layouts.

5. Free Flash Player

Free FLV Player is free online tool to make custom web players. It’s pretty easy to work with – add a video URL, select player template and copy to code to your WordPress Editor. Here you can choose background color, border type or audio volume level. The web app is flexible and handy.

6. Wimpy

Wimpy is the web place where you can get different types of players. There video and audio players, universal multimedia players, MP3 and HTML5 online players. All web players are customizable and good for advanced webmasters. Here you can change player skin, functionality, add or remove advertisements, opt in/out file formats and much more.

7. WordPress Video Sidebar

WordPress Video Sidebar is a great widget for WordPress blogs. Thus, you can enhance a blog with motion pictures. Select videos, install the widget and start entertain your blog audience. This widget is a usefull add-on for tutorial blogs that teach readers. A plain text will be decorated with alluring video how-tos.

8. Youtube Code

We all watch lots of Youtube videos daily. From the early days of this service, people share Youtube video links. To make video sharing easier, Youtube invented ‘Embed’ button. Just copy the code, specify player size and paste it to your WordPress blog. Automatically Youtube video will be played on a blog page. You don’t have to think about video hosting. However, if the video owner gets rid of Youtube video, you will lose it and links will appear broken on your blog.

9. Vimeo Embed Code

Vimeo is a Youtube competitor. Though the web service is very young, Vimeo gained traction of millions video fans. It differs from Yotuube by HD video playback. Thus, if you desire to add HD videos to blog, go to Select videos, grab the code hidden under “Embed” button and embed it in WordPress page.

10. SlideShare Video

Don’t be surprised to find SlideShare among video embedding tools. Now SlideShare allows users to upload video presentations along with standard power point ones. If you plan to embed some presentations to your WordPress, go to SlideShare’s Video section, pick up the desired video file, click ‘Embed’ and take the code to your blog.