Top 10 Reasons iOS Is Better Than Android

Top 10 Reasons iOS Is Better Than Android

Both Android and iOS have some advantages as well as some disadvantages over one another. In this article we are going to discuss what Apple’s iOS has that Android lacks.

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10. AirPlay

This application is only useful for people who own more than one Apple devices. Through this application video streaming is done by just tapping on the screen twice wirelessly. It is a great feature to have, but unfortunately Android does not have any of this kind.

9. The iTunes Media Store

The iTunes store might be the best thing available on the iOS. Through this software which is intuitive as well as simple one can download songs, videos, and books wirelessly. Apple through its iTunes store gives its users an enormous collection of entertainment and that also with ease. Everything that you have downloaded on your device is next time also available on your computer through easy sync.

8. Find My iPhone

The FindMyPhone application now available for free is the best option available to track your phone in case of theft. This application has helped in retrieving many lost iPhones and it has also helped in finding thieves. It is one of the best applications for reducing chances of losing your cell phone and it costs nothing. Android also offers a clone of this app for phone tracking, but its nothing like iOS.

7. Better Support System

One thing that Android cannot take from Apple is their service and support system. While in order to get an Android mobile fixed, it has to be taken to its specific carrier while Apple’s iPhone can be taken to any store or you can call Apple tech support. In both cases, your problems will be resolved. Going to carrier’s franchise is very frustrating while Apple offers a simple and hassle free of resolving problems regarding cell-phone repair.

6. Better Battery Life and Management

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Apple has been working on its battery timings for quite a long time. Their efforts can be clearly seen in the iPad which offers about 10 hours of battery life. The secrets behind this are battery management tactics. According to Apple, their iDevices will be able to last 1 day or even more on a single charge, which comes at a price of extensive multitasking. Apple understands that the multitasking feature will not suffice in front of the need for a longer lasting battery. Sadly, Android is left behind in this aspect and does not offer any kind of battery management system.

5. iTunes and Tethered Syncing

iTunes media manager is the best that is available today. No software on Android or any other system has the ability to compete with it. Android does not come pre-loaded with the iTunes and a software had to be created to bring it to that level.

4. No Malware

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The fact that Google personally is not selling their devices also pulls it down a little bit. When somebody buys an Android phone there is always some rubbish applications downloaded into it that you just don’t want, and you cannot delete it either; so you are somewhat stuck. But with iOS you only get the the default apps which are a part of all other iDevices.

3. Bigger and Better Variety of Apps

The Apple’s iTunes app store is loaded with different variety of apps which cost a little but they are definitely worth the money. The Apple’s app store has become so popular that it has attracted many big companies to launch their apps on it. Other than that it is also a great source of income for developers. There are many fun, entertaining and useful apps available on the app store. The number of apps is definitely greater than those available for Android.

2. Well-Designed, Intuitive User Interface

Apple gives a lot of thought when designing the user interface that even toddlers can use with ease. Their design is simple yet elegant and creative. But an Android device has to be covered thoroughly to be able to use it with ease. This is one thing that Google should learn from iOS.

1. Consistency

Apple’s iOS runs on those devices that are almost similar in every aspect. Therefore, updates and new arrivals are very easy to find. Whereas Android smartphones are manufactured by every other company and the updates are surely specific for each phone. Hence, Apple wins this war by a long-shot.