Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About Steve Jobs

Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the wizard who transformed the Tech industry and the founder of Apple Inc. has died last year at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer. Earlier this year He resigned from the post of CEO due to his ailing condition. But who knew that after almost a month of resigning from his post he would also resign from his life as well. The news of Steve Jobs’ death spread over the internet like wildfire.

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You probably know many things about Jobs, but there are 10 things you might know. Take a look!

10. A Vegetarian

Steve Jobs was a vegetarian and a fruitarian from the very time we know him. His favorite fruit was APPLE. The name of the company that he co-founded with Steve Wozniak. His wife also shared this phenomena and preferred vegetables and fruits over products alike.

9. 136th Richest Person in the World

Forbes in 2010, declared Steve Jobs as the 136th richest person in the world with his $5.5 billion worth. Steve Jobs had been declared a multimillionaire in 1980. Not only Apple was his only source of income but Steve Jobs’ shares in Disney also earned him about $48 million annually. His current worth is around $8 Billion.

8. 1$ Annual Salary

Steve Jobs’s annual salary from Apple Inc. was just $1. He was a billionaire but still that is one reality most people don’t know of. His main source of income was from his shares in Disney. He actually had more shares in Disney than he had in Apple.

7. A College Drop-out

Steve Jobs’ one of the most innovating minds we have seen in this history was actually a college drop-out. He could only study higher education for just one semester at Reed College. He was a college drop-out but it was his gifted mind that carried him through!

6. His love for Calligraphy

Instead of gadgets, Jobs’ first love was actually calligraphy. Maybe Macintosh typefaces came from the same source of interest.

5. First meeting with an Actual Computer

Larry Lang an engineer of Hewlett Packard introduced Jobs’ to a computer at just the age of 12. That might possibly be the first connection between Jobs and computer machines.

4. Jobs had been adopted

His real parents were probably not ready to take the responsibilities of a parent and hence they gave Steve away to other people. But Jobs’ biological parents made sure that his new parents were college graduates for insuring his future.

3. A Buddhist

One of the most unknown facts about Steve Jobs is that he was a Buddhist. When he was young, he even tried to serve as a monk. His transition from Christian to Buddhist came after his drop out from college. He travelled to India for this purpose and when he came back he shaved his head and was purportedly experimenting LSD.

2. Jobs had Dyslexia

Steve Jobs was dyslexic. It is a learning disability but people having this illness are said to have great and the most innovative minds. in case you don’t know, Albert Einstein was also dyslexic.

1. An Assyrian by Blood

As mentioned earlier, that Steve Jobs was adopted. But according to his biological parents Steve Jobs is an Assyrian. His Father was a Muslim Assyrian which also leads to the point that Jobs’ had a Muslim blood.