Top 10 Armies In The World

Top 10 Armies In The World

Countries have armies to protect themselves from any harm that any hater would like to cause. The Army, Navy and Air Force of a country protect it from any threat faced from their respective sources i.e. land, water and air.

Most countries make their armies bigger, stronger and more modern to keep themselves up to date. A country with weapons dating even 2 years back cannot even compete with an army of the modern time. However, bravery is also another factor that armies should have. That is why soldiers are trained to take bold decisions during their course of becoming a warrior.

These are the main points that contribute towards a strong army.

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This article will give you information about the Top 10 biggest and strongest armies in the world.

10. Iran – 320,000 Approx.

Iran has one of the most effective armies. Their land forces have 14 divisions, air force squadron are 15 and the total number of ships in their fleet is 170. Their ballistic missile by the name of ‘Shihab 3’ is considered the best in the world.

9. Myanmar – 425,000 Approx.

They have about 425,000 military and about 72,000 paramilitary forces. Myanmar also has a law that every 18 year old must be trained according to military standards just in case of an emergency.

8. Iraq – 450,000 Approx.

Iraq’s military has about 450,000 personnel and some other forces. Iraqs military is very experienced due to the 7 wars that they have went through in the past years.

7. United States – 550,000 Approx.

United States military fights with the motto “The We’ll defend”. American army is one of the most experienced having fought about 13 wars which include World War 1 and 2.

6. South Korea – 560,000 Approx.

South Korea’s army is divided amongst Terrain Marines, Firebat Shock, Troops, Vulture Anti Personnel Vehicles. Their army also includes 30 million photon cannons.

5. Pakistan -617,000 Approx.

Pakistan although being a small country spends heavily on its military. That is why Pakistan has one of the best armies in the world. Its soldiers are brave. They have about 49 million male and about 45000 female troops. Pakistan’s army always keeps itself upto date with the developing world.

4. Russia – 1,027,000 Approx.

In Russia, people who are 18-27 years of age have to get military education as a compulsory subject. Russia has almost $6,197,000,000 of arms export per year, and its battle fleet contains 22,950 tanks, 2,358 aircrafts and 4,982 battle tanks.

3. North Korea – 900,000 Approx.

North Korea’s army is divided in three echelons; the 806th and 815th Merchandized Corps and also 820th Armored corp. The country also has a fleet of 4500 tank units. They have played part in 4 major wars.

2. India – 1,325,000 Approx.

Indian army contains about 1,140,000 troops. It is the second largest army in the world and humanitarian actions of this big army are worth a clap.

1. China – 290,000 Approx.

China gets the crown of having the largest and the strongest army in the world. They are the most well equipped army with modern weapons and inventory. They have about 8500 tanks and 4000 fighter jets. Their navy has 61 submarines as well as 54 surface ships. China has become the second super power as well as the second biggest economy in the world.