Steve Jobs Movie: Sony Acquires Rights For $1 Million+

Steve Jobs Movie: Sony Acquires Rights For $1 Million+

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson hasn’t even hit the stores yet and movie makers are striving to get the rights to make a movie out of the biography.

steve jobs,steve jobs movie,movie steve jobs reports that Sony Pictures has made a deal with Walter Isaacson along with his publishers. According to the deal, the writer and the publisher will get $3 million dollars if the movie is made and guaranteed $1 million dollars if the film is not produced.

The biography compiled by Isaacson was due to release in March 2012 but now it is probably going toon November 21. The book will be published by Simon & Schuster and will contain the last ever interview of Steve Jobs which took place at his home in Palo Alto.

Previously, Sony produced movies such as The Social Network and Moneyball — they are probably the best producers out there.

However, this movie will not be the first ever on Jobs. A movie named “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” depicted Jobs career at Apple till 1997. In 1999, TNT produced a movie which showed the uprising of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Noah Wyle, The actor who played the role of Jobs looked so much like him, that Jobs invited him to fool the crowd at an Apple event later that year.

Will his story be able to entertain the audience? We will have to wait and see.