4 Great Solutions To Your Slow Laptop Computer Problems

4 Great Solutions To Your Slow Laptop Computer Problems

A large percentage of those who have a computer today make use of a laptop and that is because of the great speed, flexibility and portability a laptop computer provides. The problem however is that many people are starting to see the downsides of using a laptop computer due to the fact that their laptop is starting to respond slowly. A laptop computer might not be as robust as a desktop computer but there is definitely a lot that can be done to make your laptop fast and this article will be giving you 4 tips to help solve your slow laptop problems.

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1. Free Up Your Hard Disk Space

The first step you should take whenever you start noticing that your laptop is misbehaving is to look into your hard disk to see if it is the problem. A lot of computer users install a lot of applications, download a lot of files and use a lot of multimedia. This alone is enough to consume a large percentage of their hard disk space and as result lead to their laptop becoming slow.

If you’re noticing your laptop is not as fast as it used to be then you might want to try freeing up your hard disk space. Most computers have a disk defragmenter that helps you with this, and you can also easily do that manually by uninstalling the applications you don’t really need.

2. Check If Your Operating System Is Corrupt

The next thing you need to look into if you notice your laptop isn’t as fast as it used to be is to check to see if your operating system is corrupt. In most cases we make the mistake of not shutting down our computer properly or of installing applications that are not in harmony with our laptop – this only result in corrupting your operating system and might as well lead to more problems in the future.

If you suspect your laptop might be slow due to your operating system being corrupt then you might want to take it to the nearest engineer to help you fix it.

3. Try Exposing Your Computer To More Fresh Air

Sometimes the reason for your laptop being very slow is because it is overheating, and this is a problem that can easily be prevented.

It is very important for you to ensure you don’t use your laptop in hot areas. You should do your best to make it faster by only using it in a cool dry area.

If possible you might also want to direct your fan to your laptop to see how it responds – if it responds better then the reason your laptop is becoming slow is due to overheating.

4. Do A Thorough Antivirus Scan to Reveal The Possibility Of A Virus

If none of the above tips seem to be of help to you then the problem with your laptop might be internal and one of the possibilities is that you have been infected by a virus.

Viruses can be very dangerous and they can make a great computer to be completely ineffective. Make sure you install the latest and up to date antivirus and then scan your laptop properly to remove the viruses that might be making it slow.