‘Slide to Unlock’ Patent Finally Granted To Apple

'Slide to Unlock' Patent Finally Granted To Apple 1

Apple Inc., in all its rage and wish to have its ideas to itself, is notorious to have patented most of its innovations. The most recent is about the sliding bar gesture unlock.

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Till the very beginning, the creators of iPhone had been enjoying to boast about this slide to unlock feature. And the excitement was worth the show off as with this type of unlock mechanism, users do not have to worry about phone getting unlocked in pants and coat pockets as well as in accidents.

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As the resources say, USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), with many others, had granted Cupertino company with the patent of this amazing unlock feature too. A more surprising revelation is that the application for patency was filed in the last days of 2005, which is an year before the iPhone itself was launched.

To conclude the discussion, company now owns the patent and is all geared up to sue those who it claims to have stolen its idea. By looking into Apple’s track record of going after the defaulters, Apple foreseeing any competitor is out of question.

The patent, among all the other innovators at Apple, holds Scott Forstall, Senior VP of iOS, to be the man responsible for giving birth to this idea!

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