Siri Assistant Successfully Ported Over To iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

Siri Assistant Successfully Ported Over To iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

After an announcement from famous hacker iH8sn0w that the Siri Assistant is not just compiled specifically for the A5 processor, it has now been successfully ported over to the iPhone 4.

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The exclusivity of the iPhone 4S just lost its niche somehow due to this news. Apple fans who were switching to the iPhone 4S because of the Siri Assistant application do not have to spend the extra money anymore if they already have an iPhone 4.

9to5Mac, which was working with Steven Troughton Smith, has uploaded a video, which shows the Siri application running on the iPhone 4. The video features a jailbroken iPhone 4 which has been made capable of running the voice command application.

By looking at the video we might have to say that developers have been able to port only the application to the iPhone 4 but not the features that have made this app so popular. The application firstly seems to run very slow. Secondly, it is not able to pass commands to Apple servers, which means that you will only be able to use the voice-to-text features on iPhone 4. However, developers are not giving up just yet.