It may sound exciting, the iPhone 4S, which carries out orders as we speak but it comes with its own limitations. The voice recognition software of iOS 5, Siri, is the best and the most talked about feature of the newly launched smartphone. But as it seems, customers outside U.S are facing some difficulties using it.

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The software has some problem recognizing English in accents other than that of U.S, U.K and Australia. In addition to that, it is enabled to search for places, directions and business lookup for inside U.S only. Though it has been released in Canada, Japan, U.K, Australia, France and Germany, Siri isn’t intelligent enough to lead customer from these countries.

The limitations accounted here so far are just a start. We will get to learn more of them as iPhone 4S is released in the other parts of the world.

Apple has declared Siri a ‘beta’ software from the very start (which is quite fair enough) and is expected to add more refinements to it. Infact Apple in their Siri FAQ have pin pointed already that the services of the software will be available for other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish till next year. The additional services will also include local search and Maps.

[via TUAW]