Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 5

Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 5

The iOS 5 is in the market for quite a time now. many users around the globe are enjoying the new venture of Apple inc. Listed here are the Top Ten facts to intensify your cravings to upgrade to iO5.

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10. Wifi Sync

The new iOS allows users to connect to an iTunes account using phone’s Wi-Fi and synchronise it with some other system.Synchronisation is also possible through iCloud which allows to download apps on iPhone,iPod or even Mac all at the same time.

9. Cloud iTunes

Not yet released, this app is available in beta version. It is getting excellent review so far.

it searches for the already downloaded songs from the iTune store or from synchronisation, which do not appear on your device. You will be able to stream your track or download the missing song for offline pleasure.

8. iCloud

iCloud is something that feels great already. You have your photos, tracks, playlists, documents and everything stored in a backup effortlessly.

7. Enhanced Camera Controls

The camera controls of the new operating software have been enhanced greatly. People will be able to access the camera directly from their lock screen. iPhones are so thin that incorporating a separate camera button on the sides might be difficult, therefore, its a great alternative to have.

6. Find My Friends

This app provides a clue to where your friends are; if they are entitled to the same app. Thus without bugging the friend through a text or a call, all you need to know where he is to activate the app.

5. Newsstand

Papers are out of fashion already. But this app makes it even more easier than browsing for your favourite magazines on internet. Having this app, magazine subscriptions of their favourites will be delivered to the users as soon as they are released. Thus wherever you are, at your home, on the move, all you need to have is an iOS5 driven device and there in are new editions of your favourite mags.

4. Editing Photos

in formers softwares, a third party application was needed to edit the photos. this problem has been addressed in the underdiscussion version. photo editing tools are now available in the software itself.

3. iMessage

Like BB, Apple has introduced a messenger too, but later has an edge over the former by having more than 100 million users worldwide.

this feature always fascinates the users as it enables them to communicate through texts to groups or individuals without subscribing to messeging plans. the facilty is available to iPod touch and iPad users as well.

2. Twitter Integration

There were reports earlier this year that Apple will  incorporate Twitter in the upcoming iOS. The rumour has finally proven to be true. The twitter application works great with the iOS and it would be great if we can use Siri to blog on Twitter.

1. Notifications

With the integration of Notifications in the iOS 5, quick tips about weather, stock market. ticker and other stuff will be at hand as released.Apple has adapted the idea from its main competitor Android, which mastered the pull down notifications tab, but has incorporated it in its own individual style.