Nokia Kinetic: Device With Flexible And Twisted Interface [VIDEO]

Nokia Kinetic: Device With Flexible And Twisted Interface [VIDEO]

Nokia has showcased the world’s first ever “Kinetic Device” having a flexible and twisted interface, which can be used to interact with the device and perform tasks such as scrolling through your playlist or photo albums by just twisting  the screen.

It was not a fake dummy of some futuristic model, rather it was a usable model (not complete though) through which you could do the simplest of tasks quite easily. The prototype showed at the Nokia World convention consisted of an OLED flexible display which could be used for various purposes through various twists. For example, bowing it in and out will zoom in and out of the picture whereas a twist to the top corner open up the photos.

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The developers of the device decided not to comment on the technology used in the phone, but they did mention there doubts over widespread use of this technology when compared to touch screen phones.

However, Chris Bower somewhat explained it with the help of some carbon nanotubes in a flexible elastometer medium. According to Chris, the electrical resistance of the nanotubes changes as they are stretched, a computer calculates the change and does the function it is programmed to do with that type of resistance.

One of the most brilliant applications of the flexi-display is ‘blind usage’ i.e. easily sending a voice mail, or pause music or even rejecting a call while the phone is in one’s pocket without worrying about pushing buttons. The screen can also be used to scroll through e-mails or contacts even when you are wearing gloves which is not possible on capacitive screens.

Although the device and the technology seems cool, we cannot really say whether it will be a hit or not.

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