Microsoft Now Receives License Fees On 50% Of All Android Devices

Microsoft Now Receives License Fees On 50% Of All Android Devices

Android devices have been under constant attack from Apple that are said to be because of infringement of Apple’s copyrighted software as well as design.

Well if you thought Apple was the only one in war against Android products; well you are wrong! Fact of the matter is that Apple targets only the big guns whereas on the other hand Microsoft (Yes MICROSOFT!!!!) is attacking the big boys as well as small mobile manufacturers for infringement charges.

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Microsoft today has published a blogpost in which they openly celebrate their 10th licence agreement with Android powered smartphone manufacturer.

Microsoft announced its tenth licence agreement providing coverage under our patent portfolio for Android mobile phones and tablets.

Today’s agreement is with Compal, one of the world’s largest Original Design Manufacturers, or ODM. Compal is based in Taiwan, where it produces smartphones and tablet PCs for third parties and has a revenue of roughly $28 billion per year.

The blogpost further says that about half of the companies endorsing Android OS are now under agreement with Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, the deals are very fair and transparent but we disagree. It earns $5 from every HTC device sold so we are assuming the margin is the same for all other companies that holds contracts with redmond based company.

It has been noted that many Android smartphone manufacturers do not charge much, therefore, $5 for every handset seems very daunting to the already low profit.

Instead of being in competition rival smartphone manufacturers are actually paying good money to Microsoft which puts it in a win-win situation.

So, who is the real enemy of Android — Microsoft or Apple? Let us know in comments.