Top 5 Weather Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Weather Apps For iPhone

When we think of publishing an article on Apple’s touch-screen devices a world of possible topics open in front of us — and when we talk about apps well, that is much bigger. Today we are going to review the apps, that tells you about the current weather conditions. We have compiled the five best apps according to popularity as well as usability for weather and here they are.

5. WeatherSnitch

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This app is a great way to find monthly, weekly and hourly forecasts and also ideal for finding out forecasts of different locations weeks ago before planning a retreat or a vacation. The interface is very user friendly and mainly resembles the iPhone’s calendar.


It is available for $0.99 on the app store. (link)

4. Weather HD

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Weather HD is one of the most appealing weather application available for the iPhone. People who like flashy stuff but do not care of the quality will definitely choose this.

The interface is very simple and appealing. On launching the app, you will be greeted with an animation that also displays current weather condition.


It is available on the app store for $0.99. (link)

3. The Weather

The Weather,iphone weather apps,weather apps for iphone
This app is quite a marvel if you consider the usability. It is not only a fully featured weather application but it also provides customization option through which a user can see the elements that he wants to. In terms of usability, this app is fairly good. The tabbed menu makes for an easier and fast usage.


This app costs $0.99. (link)

2. Outside

Outside,iphone weather apps,weather apps for iphone
Outside is a great app. It combines visuals and functionality in a great way. It features sounds and animations to check weather conditions while having some fun. Along with the usual, this app also has a notification feature — it will notify you of different weather condition like rain or snow and will also tells you when it is best to wear a T-shirt.


It is available on the App store for $2.99. (link)

1. The Weather Channel

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The most favorite app of all weather apps available on the app store is The Weather Channel’s official app. It is the most used and popular third party application for weather news.

This might be because of the fact that this app is packed with very special and different features that are liked by the audience. Features include full forecast, video information from the channel itself as well as a map.


The most pleasing thing about this app is that it is available for FREE. (link)

Well here are the Best 5 apps on iPhone for checking weather. Stay tuned for more…