iPhone 4S Name Found In Latest iTunes Beta

iPhone 4S Name Found In Latest iTunes Beta

We can close up all the rumors on the possibility of release of an iPhone 4S in the upcoming Apple’s event thanks to a leak from Apple itself.

9to5mac the website at the forefront of starting all the rumors for the upcoming phones found a sneak peak of the iPhone 4S in the beta version of iTunes — gives the old belief a chance to survive that the phone which is going to be unveiled on 4 October, inevitably is the internally modified iPhone 4 with the name iPhone 4S.

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There is one thing that might interest you. On the sneak peak there is no mention of the distinction between CDMA and GSM, which only suggests to one point, the new iPhone 4S will be a dual-mode mobile device.

May be Apple do not want the whole world to see the hidden mention of the upcoming phone because the iTunes 10.5 beta 9 was removed from the website. But strangely enough it returned a little later with the information still intact.

The iPhone 4S which would work as a replacement to the iPhone 4 will host the same shape but some new and improved and somewhat different features.

There is no mention of the much-awaited iPhone 5 and if it is not announced in the upcoming media event, we might be a little disappointed and so will be the fans.

But if you go with the rumours then hopefully Apple will announce the iPhone 5 along with the iPhone 4S. Until then we can do nothing but wait for the media event. The event can’t come any faster.