iPhone 4S Costs Apple Just $196 To Manufacture

iPhone 4S Costs Apple Just $196 To Manufacture

iSuppli the group that breaks down stuff to find the truth, have come up with another one and this one involves the newly released iPhone 4S.

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They were able to get to the hardware of the newest phone and found out that the smartphone cost Apple just $188 to manufacture. This price is for the 16GB model, whereas the 32GB model costs $207 and the 64GB model costs about $245. Additional $8 is also required for the services of skilled craftsmen that are rented from Foxconn for a day.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 4S is just $0.49 greater than its predecessor the iPhone 4. It is just very astonishing to see that the new phone with its increased power and other performance capabilities and a greater camera just costs a mere additional $0.49 to make than its much less powerful ancestor but maybe that is just the skill of Apple.

Apple has been able to insert the enhanced telephony capabilities in the same old way which also removes the cost of additional equipments. The costliest item in the new phone is the display screen which costs Apple just about $37, judging by the capabilities of the screen I think it is worth it.