Ford Vehicles Will Now Read Text Messages To Drivers

Ford Vehicles Will Now Read Text Messages To Drivers

Ford, the company who invented the first ever gasoline engine car have introduced a new feature that will enable cars to read text messages out loud while you are driving your car.

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Ford’s latest voice-activated technology, Sync, will use bluetooth to connect to the phone and will then alert the driver of any incoming message(s). The driver will also be able to reply to the sender through some pre-written text messages — without losing control of the vehicle.

Owners of Ford vehicles no older than 2010 can install and use this new upgrade which can be downloaded from Ford’s Sync site. The instruction print-out are also available on the site.

Texting and calling while driving has been the cause of majority of the accidents worldwide. Studies have said that accidents due to texting have rised by about 23 percent in the last two years. Even driving simulation tests have shown the same fact.

Many cars have bluetooth capabilities but none of them have used them to this extent — there are applications such as ‘’ and ‘SMS Replier’ that are similar to Sync, but still wide spread usage of such apps was not seen.

There are many possible explanations as to why people are not adopting above mentioned apps, the biggest factor is non-compatibility of these apps with popular smartphones. Blackberries integrate best with such apps and Android phones are also joining in, but iPhones do not support such apps.

However, with Ford taking a major step forward these type of apps will soon become popular and save hundreds of precious lives.

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