Food Supply In Danger As Plants And Animals Shrinking With Rise In Temperature

Food Supply In Danger As Plants And Animals Shrinking With Rise In Temperature

The trend of growth in human population on earth isn’t found in animals and plants size. In fact as the number of humans is increasing exponentially, plants and animals are experiencing reduction in their sizes.

According to the researchers, lack of water and warm temperature are the main agents of this unusual growth.

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According to one of the researchers at National university of Singapore’s biological department, David Bickford, the situation is alarming as it has a dangerous impact on the future of the quality and quantity of food supply.

After digging into the history of fossils and plants remains, Bickford and his colleagues found a decreasing trend in the sizes of plants and other creatures such as ants, beetles, bees, ants and cicadas. As the climate is becoming warmer these organisms are shrinking in their sizes.

The degree of shrinkage is such that for every degree Celsius rise in temperature, the sizes of shoots and fruits of certain plants decrease up to 3 to 17 percent. Whereas fish experience a reduction of 6 to 22 percent and some vertebrates reduce by 0.5 to 4 percent of their sizes.

The paper published recently by the researching team states that with an increase in temperature, survival rate of small organisms can increase but accompanying draught condition can bring about reduction in their body size.

If the trend goes on, we are to face acute shortage of food due to less food produced on the same amount of land. Moreover it can have a catastrophic impact on ecosystem services.

Researchers conclude that they haven’t observed large scale effects yet, but if the temperature rises; its effects on the plants and organisms will become more visible and may lead to limitation of food supply.

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