Facebook: More Than 600,000 Accounts Get Hacked Daily

Facebook: More Than 600,000 Accounts Get Hacked Daily

Facebook, the social networking giant has a somewhat bad news for their users. According to a blog statement by Facebook, almost 600,000 accounts get hacked each day.

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This figure was first brought into light by security company Sophos which gave out this number while discussing new privacy settings that were introduced on the social networking website. According to Sophos, about 0.06% of a billion logins are compromised each and about 0.5% of facebook users get spammed on a single day.

Facebook is however working on this problem and have come up with certain solutions such as ‘trusted friend’ in which a user can select three or four of his trustworthy friends which in case of a lockout will receive codes that will get you your account back. Another solution from Facebook is ‘App Passwords’ which will automatically generate different passwords on your behalf and you will not have to remember them.

Well, almost all social networking sites face these kinds of problems and the number of hacks generally increases with each day. Do you think Facebook is doing enough to eradicate these type of problems? Let us know in comments.