Dump The Keys; Use ‘Gestures’ Now

Dump The Keys; Use 'Gestures' Now

Are you forgetful? Do you rush your adrenaline every time you feel your pocket without the keychain? Well the technology is now here to give you the doors the keys of which are; your very own gestures.

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There was a time when 3D movies were creating hype. It’s time for the key-less door locks to top the charts this time, using the same technology.

A team of researchers in Taiwan have found a way to create door locks which could be unlocked by mere hand gestures. It will be made possible by an underlying chip intelligent enough to detect the motion of hands in 3D — the same technology as being used by gaming consoles (like Kinect) these days.

This “invisible key” as put by the inventor Tsai-Yao Pin, will enable the users to unlock the doors using gestures fed into the sensors already.

The key was exhibited in the four-day Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart held this week. The inventor was awarded a gold medal for his achievement.

To grab the keys we’ll have to wait for half a year almost, as companies are approaching Tsai for its commercialization.