Cellphones — Brain Cancer Link Rejected [STUDY]

Cellphones — Brain Cancer Link Rejected [STUDY]

Since the mobile sector has experienced a boom, there has been an ongoing debate and research on its effects on human health. Mails and texts regarding safety precautions in using cellular phones are circulated daily. But are these apprehensions really worth the care?The question has now been answered by the researchers.

To figure out what effects do these necessity based gadgets have on our organs, a research was conducted to analyze and study the health conditions of 350,000 people over 18 years. The results show that use of cellphones does not increase the risk of developing brain tumor more than it normally is. The research was initiated by the institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark.

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Since some other researches carried out by different teams concluded with the same results, the findings have finally been published on the British Medical Journal website.


The state of risk offered by mobiles was similar to that of coffee; a presence of an improvable link between cancer and the gadget. Every time a new research popped up about mobiles increasing cancer risk, the World Health Organization was prompted to warn the world about it.

The British department of health still instructs people under the age of sixteen to use mobiles only in the time of acute necessity and keep the calls shorter.

A new research by a Danish team now claims of founding no difference in the vulnerability of brains to cancer between those of the users and non-users of cellular phones. The research isn’t new in its capacity, as it is based on one (with its follow up) published before.

Among the mobile owners who were analyzed, the cancers found in their brains (gliomas and the cancer of central nervous system) were totally in line with the incident rate in those who do not own one.  In fact, the owners who had been using mobiles for longer than thirteen years still had the same immunity.

Research follow up is to continue to find out if the results altered with more years of usage as well as to determine their effects on children.

The way study was carried out is being praised by the experts all over the world. They have expressed their satisfaction on the results and believe it to be an authentic source to prove that using mobile phone does not affect immunity against cancer cells in brain. Prof Anders Ahlbom, from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute claimed the findings to be ‘reassuring’.

University of Cambridge based researcher observed that though, the study is based on the mobile usage records collected for fifteen years, but no sign of tumor development still prove to be evidence against negative effects of mobile on brain.

As stated by the director of medical physics in Royal Berkshire Hospital, the study rules out an overall risk of cancer posed by the mobiles, although, some statistically insignificant changes in the type of cancer are still observable.

There is still some room left for further improvement, as the study is limited to the general users of mobiles and no discrimination was done among normal and heavy users i.e. business class etc.

At least for now, we can use ours cells without worrying about developing a tumor in brain.