Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts helps you increase your typing speed, saves handsome amount of time and also relieve hands from that pain caused by using mouse repetitively. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts for the recently announced Microsoft Windows 8 to increase productivity.

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Global Windows 8 Shortcuts

WIN + Q: Open search windows.

WIN + Z: Flip open applications.

Win + Space: Change the language / keyboard layout.

Win + Y: In time to show the desktop.

WIN + W: Search system’s parameters.

WIN + F: Search for files.

WIN + I: Open Settings.

WIN + K: Open Connection.

WIN + O: Disable screen rotation.

WIN + C: Open a new “Start” menu.

WIN + V: Switching between notifications.

WIN + Shift + V: Switching between notifications in reverse order.

WIN + Enter: Run utilities Narrator.

WIN + PageUp: Move the tiles to the left.

WIN + PgDown: Move the tiles to the right.

Windows Explorer Shortcuts

Press the ALT key and then press:

A: Open the “special features”

C O: Copy the selected items.

C P: Copy the path to the file or folder.

C F: Copy the folder.

D: Delete the selected files or folder.

E: Edit the selected files.

H: Show the history of file versions.

M: Move the files.

N: Create a new folder.

P S: Insert label.

P R: Open properties.

S A: Select all.

S N: Deselect.

S I: Invert the selection.

R: Rename a selected file(s).

T: Cut

V: Paste.

W: Create a new document.

If you know more Windows 8 shortcuts, please let us know in the comments below.