Top 10 Places To Find Good Softwares

Top 10 Places To Find Good Softwares 1

Mac App stores maybe a great place to discover new softwares, but services like these also have their ups and downs. This is why; we have compiled our Top 10 list of websites that will help in searching for new software available for your computer or any other device.


This website has been on the world wide web for quite a few years. It has different pages for news as well as great downloads suggestion. It packs is a great page to start looking for these suggestions which are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple and Android.


Websites like are great for searching softwares. On this website you just have write the name of the software and this search engine will return all the other similar applications. This is the most popular and convenient way of searching for new softwares. Other websites such as is also good for this purpose.

8. App Recommendation Engines

chomp, App Recommendation Engines, chomp logo

This will recommend you different softwares for your beloved smartphones. This search engine will show recommendations of softwares that are popular among the masses. It is a great way for software hunting.

7. Wikipedia

Wikipedia logo, wikipedia, Wikipedia logo

Wikipedia is also a great website for hunting softwares. Most people do not know of this feature but Wikipedia offers great comparisons for similar applications and software. It shows comparisons in various aspects such as market price, features, shares and more.

6. Bulk Installer Services

Ninite, Ninite bulk installer, Ninite installer

Bulk installer services such as Ninite or Allmyapps are also great ways of searching for different software. Websites such as these have compiled some of the best and popular applications and softwares for Windows as well as Linux.

5. Social Networks

facebook, facebook logo

Social networks are a great way for getting information about new softwares. This can simply be done by asking any of your friends about the applications you demand. In response, you will be provided with great options. Facebook and Twitter are great places for doing this. The only thing you have to do is to find some software professionals.

4. Software Bundles

Discount Software Bundles

Websites like MacHeist and AppSumo are very popular websites. Sometime every year these websites offer bundled software at discounted prices. Along with softwares you want, you can get few other great softwares in the bundle.

3. Find Out What Your Friends Use

Well, if you know some software gurus, you should never hesitate in asking them the software of their choice. The reason for this is that these gurus have used many websites and many applications to reach the top and it never hurts asking them for their recommendations.

2. BitTorrent websites

the pirate bay, torrent, bit torrent

The torrent community has some great softwares which are free to download. These websites have different categories and sorting through will give you many great applications and hence quench the thirst for software.

1. Google

Google is one of the best ways to find new softwares. Just by typing any feature that you want in a software, you can get a wide array of search results with the features you want along with some additional features.

Although these are 10 of the best ways in our eyes, but the internet is very vast and you can find many other great places to search for softwares. Let us know in comments if you know any other.