The rumor mill on iPhone 5 is producing new and improved rumors day by day with leaked pictures and other leaked items, surely points that the release of the device is very near.

Now, we have come to know that Sprint is planning to release the next generation iPhone with an unlimited data plan as early as next month. This might not come as a surprise as the company is looking to edge past its customers with various services that others do not offer.

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In 2007, when the first iPhone was presented to the world, Apple gave the exclusive rights to AT&T to sell their new gadget in the U.S.  AT&T sold the iPhone in the U.S. through its huge retail network without unlimited data plans for the data hungry iPhone. This year Apple ended AT&T’s exclusivity by launching the Verizon iPhone 4. Sales were good due to the main brand i.e. Apple, but Verizon also did not offer the unlimited data package.

When someone purchases an iPhone, he/she thinks of downloading various apps available on the app store. Many great applications require constant internet connection and an unlimited data plan might help the users because nobody would like to pay for an internet plan as well as for a voice plan when instead they can only pay for the better, unlimited data plan.

Sprint has become a well-known and established CDMA network in the USA and the new iPhone will definitely be a CDMA phone. If it gets accompanied with an unlimited data plan, then Sprint will have a great edge over its competitors and it might become the only carrier that provides an unlimited package, which the users would happily pay for.

This news might be authentic because of the fact that Sprint currently offers unlimited plans for the Blackberry and HTC devices.

Some people also say that iPhone 5 will be available on all major carriers on the U.S. but given Sprint’s offers it will have a edge over all others, and will definitely be a huge hit amongst the people who enjoy downloads everywhere and on the go.