Sprint Cancels Employee Store Leave For First 2 Weeks Of October, Confirms iPhone 5 Launch [REPORT]

Sprint Cancels Employee Store Leave For First 2 Weeks Of October, Confirms iPhone 5 Launch [REPORT]

We already know that Sprint, one of the biggest carriers in the U.S. is getting the iPhone 5, and it intends to sell the device with an unlimited data plan. For people who still do not believe in this news, we have new news to make sure they do.

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According to an inside source:

Sprint is keeping all of its employees for taking time-off in the first half of October because of a major Phone launch.

A blackout is a term used in various companies to define the above condition. According to a memo that was received by the source, this blackout will start from 30 September and will last for two weeks until 15 October.

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A few days back the company instructed all of its employees not to talk about rumors related to the new iPhone with customers. Instead, the customers should be directed to the Sprint’s press site. Another leaked document from Best Buy hints at iPhone 5 release in October. These leaked documents are enough evidence to prove the possible release of the next generation iPhone in October.

Sprint has been struggling to obtain mobile devices that are available on other carriers. If the iPhone 5 does come on Sprint with unlimited data plan, then this mobile phone will be the choice of people who like to use their phones for downloads and other possibilities anywhere and on the go. In this way, Sprint will have an edge over its competitors because none of the carriers offer unlimited data plan for the data hungry iPhone.

The next generation iPhone is expected to release sometime in the next month. It is not only rumored to have a bigger screen but also a better camera and a much more powerful processor.

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