The on-going patent war between Apple and Samsung Electronics continues as Korean Times reports that Samsung is going to take the U.S. based company to court as soon as the next generation iPhone lands in Korea. Samsung will seek a complete ban on the sales of the iPhone 5, in response to Apple’s continual patent suits against it in international markets.

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Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents,’’ said a senior executive from Samsung Electronics, asking not to be identified.

For as long as Apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its i-branded products without using our patents. We will stick to a strong stance against Apple during the lingering legal fights.

In case you don’t know, there are more than 23 lawsuits still pending between Apple and Samsung and this figure is surely going to rise in the next few months. May the best lawyers win.