‘Peugeot HX-1’ The World’s First Diesel Hybrid Car

'Peugeot HX-1' The World's First Diesel Hybrid Car

Peugeot has announced a new plug-in hybrid concept car, the HX-1, which the company claims is the world’s first diesel hybridPeugeot‘s goal was to deliver performance while keeping the car fuel efficient and at the same time offer styling and unique driving sensation.

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HX-1 comes with a 2.2 litre HDi Hybrid4 diesel technology, has a combined electric and diesel horsepower of 299, and it can accommodate six (6) passengers. The front wheels of the car is powered by a diesel engine while an electric motor powers the rear wheels. This method is a bit different for generating power compared to other hybrid cars — usually the electric and internal combustion engines are used to power only the front wheels.

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