Orange CEO Confirms iPhone 5 Release On October 15

Orange CEO Confirms iPhone 5 Release On October 15

We have been tracking and hunting down every bit of information we can get to tell you the release date of the new iPhone. Well now we can say that we might have narrowed down the guess.

CEO of Orange has slipped out some information and hinted towards the release of the iPhone 5 in early October. Stéphane Richard was heard on the radio where he said,

If I believe what we heard, the iPhone will be released Oct. 15.

But then he said:

To date, no date is known for its commercial launch even though its production seems to have started in several echoes in the press.

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Stephane is not the person who believes in rumors. He is the owner of a multi-billion dollar company and he is not some guy who would know things such as these when they happen. He must have been told way before we started making rumors. And when he says that October 15 is the date of launch he must have been informed the same. The only reason why someone would not believe this guy might be because of wrong information.

According to sources about 150,000 iPhone 5 units are being shipped daily at Foxconn. Well, the people doing the shipping might also be waiting for the release of this phone and it is very likely that we might see a pre-release leak of the iPhone 5.

With the development of iPad 3, iOS 5 and the iCloud people are more anxious to see the iPhone 5, but its release is the most delayed one yet from Apple. This might be due to the fact that Apple has been on top of other smartphone manufacturing companies and their older devices are doing the job for them, or may be they are searching for the right time.

Well the iPhone 5 release date is probably set, lets wait and see what is headed towards us. Stay tuned guys!

[via Ozap]