Liposuction May Be Good For Your Heart [STUDY]

Liposuction May Be Good For Your Heart [STUDY]

Liposuction was known as a way to reduce the body fat but now, a new study says that liposuction might also be good for the human heart.

The report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that in about three months of liposuction the patients’ triglyceride levels had decreased by about 43%. Triglyceride, which in easy words is the fat present in the blood — one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases.

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Dr. Swanson a plastic surgeon is Leawood, Kansas who is also the author of this study was himself surprised with the findings of the study. He says:

It made sense that if you reduced fat mass that might reduce circulating triglycerides but I didn’t think the effect on the body’s fat scores would be enough to make a significant difference in triglycerides, a 43 percent drop in triglycerides was dramatic and surprising.

The study was carried out by analyzing 322 patients, which included 270 women and 52 men, who were treated with the help of liposuction or tummy tuck. 78% percent of the total patients were in the normal to overweight range while only 22 percent were obese.

This study also finds out that the medical practice also decreased the number of white blood cells present in the blood — indicates that removal of the fat is reducing inflammation as well, which is another cause of some cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Nehal N. Mehta, a cardiologist at the Perelman School of Medicine says that while the study was conducted on a small scale its findings are as much interesting and require further research.

Mehta further goes on to say that other research have shown that the most dangerous thing is the fat that surrounds vital organs and this study also proves that removal of superficial fat can help in reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

Long lasting results of this study are still unknown and doctors still do not know what is going to happen in the next six months or an year.

The overweight patients should not to get all crazy and use liposuction procedures to save themselves from different cardiovascular diseases, since good diet and exercise are still the best treatments for obese people.

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