iPhone Tops Customer Satisfaction Charts Once Again [STUDY]

iPhone Tops Customer Satisfaction Charts Once Again [STUDY]

iPhone users are so happy with their phones if we brought a 100 of them and ask them if they are satisfied, ninety percent of them would say that they are completely satisfied with their phones and its apps.

This is not just a saying but also proven by a research, carried out by companies like JDPower who spend a lot of resources just to figure out what consumers use and how they use. A recent study, which occurs frequently, is to find out customer satisfaction. This determines how pleased the consumers are with their devices.

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The results of studies such as these are broken down into five different categories namely performance, smartphone features, overall satisfaction, ease of operation and physical design.

For a sixth consecutive time, Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction by achieving a score of 838 and performs well in all factors, particularly in ease of operation and features. In second place was HTC with 801 points, and Samsung was third with 777 points. Motorola and Research in Motion(RIM) were also there with 775 and 762 points respectively.

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The rest also have a very good customer satisfaction rating but Apple and HTC are clearly the best and way ahead all other smartphone developers.

However, reports also say that consumers also appreciate 4G devices such as the ones by HTC, since iPhone doesn’t have 4G capabilities it might be the reason why HTC has been able to come so close to Apple.

Apple’s newest phone is just around the corner and may be it would be able to increase the customer satisfaction to a completely new level. We will just have to wait and see.

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