iPhone 5 Will Support 4G-Like HSPA+ [REPORT]

iPhone 5 Will Support 4G-Like HSPA+ [REPORT]

A Chinese carrier ‘possibly getting the new iPhone 5’ has revealed some information that was not known to anybody until now. The company says the iPhone 5 will support fast HSPA+21 Mbps network speeds. (HSPA+ is sometimes referred as 4G)

This information was revealed in a presentation given by China Unicom at Macworld Asia. The presentation included slides related to the evolution of the iPhone and showed a blank spot for the iPhone 5 confirming the fact that Apple is going to reveal the next generation iPhone probably in the upcoming media event.

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The company also presented the comparisons of the iPhones that have rolled out since 2007 but did not mention any specifications of the upcoming phone except for the feature that it will support the HSPA+ network which can reach speed of upto 21 Mbps.

This speed might be enough for the data hungry iPhone and when compared to its previous models the iPhone 4 has support for 7.2mbps through the WCDMA network, it is a lot.

At the moment, only AT&T and T-mobile have their own HSPA+ networks in the United States. But the reports suggest that the technologies these companies are using do not reach the standards of a true 4G network. AT&T is supposedly launching its LTE-4G network in the US and with T-Mobile also reportedly under AT&T, the company will have vast horizons to aggrandize this service.

However, back in April this year Apple’s CEO Tim Cook denied any rumours suggesting the iPhone 5 will support LTE-4G network. According to Tim Cook Apple was not ready to use the 4G network just yet.

We will have to wait and see what the new Apple iPhone will support. But the Chinese Carrier seems pretty confident of this feature, and if it does land in the iPhone 5 it will be great addition to the phone.

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