iPad 3 Will Be Thinner And Lighter, Suggests New Battery Packs

iPad 3 Will Be Thinner And Lighter, Suggests New Battery Packs

Everyone wants a sleek, slim and light tablet devices and that is what Apple is going to make in the form of its third generation iPad which is expected to be released in March, next year.

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The iPad 2 is already very thin in its design. The question is how will Apple make it even thinner? The answer to this question lies in new and improved battery packs.

Simplo and Dynapack, the battery manufacturers for the iPad 2, have received a new order from the company. The batteries used in iPad 2 were thicker and heavier but these new batteries are said to be lighter and thinner, and will cost additional 20-30% expenditure but Apple is willing to invest for the sake of modernity and less thickness.

Another reason why Apple is opting for thinner batteries might be because of the fact that it wants to make room for its much anticipated Retina Display technology, rumors of which were also heard before the release of iPad 2.

According to some sources the initial supply of the batteries will be made at the end of the year and the main supply in the following year which also negates the rumor of the its 2011 release.

As far as specifications of the new gadget are concerned, the rumours suggest it will have the Retina Display, quad-core A6 processor, LTE 4G support, more storage, better camera, a thinner design and the 10-hour battery life. Rumours also indicate that the possible price of iPad 3 will be the same as iPad 2. The iPhone 5 release is also closing in which will also indicate towards the release of the next generation iPad.

For now, it is still in development phase and a release in early 2012 is possible. We cannot do nothing but wait for it to reveal to us.