Google wants to beat Facebook in the war for the best social network in the world. Therefore, a new app named “Google Plus photo Importer” has been introduced, which will help anyone move over to Google+ with more ease.

It actually is a third party application, created by Dropico media. Through this app you can import all the photos that are spread across different platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Photobucket on to your Google+ profile from your beloved iPhone.

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Google+ was only able to create great hype but could not dethrone Facebook from its current position. But it must be noted that Google+ might be the only worthy contender of Facebook. People often say the same about Twitter, but Twitter works on a different phenomenon, whereas Google+ works the same way as Facebook, along with some new and unique features.

Using this app you can transfer about 100 photos at one time in less than few minutes — depending on you internet connection. It also enables you to import entire albums, captions for different pictures or albums and album titles. The import process is done through the cloud. While this feature is very useful for the time savvy, but not so useful for a person worried about his/her privacy.

It is better to read the terms and conditions of using this application before actually using it.


This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.



Download Link:

Download the app from here.

Google+ might not be able to surpass Facebook, but it is growing each day with unique features such as this application. It might not be far enough when Google+ is the no.1 social networking website.

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