Deutsche Telekom Premier Ticket Gets You An iPhone 5 Reservation

Deutsche Telekom Premier Ticket Gets You An iPhone 5 Reservation

For the longest time, the impending release of the iPhone 5 has been a hotly contested issue which never saw any kind of resolution. In fact, every issue revolving around the next generation iPhone has already been discussed to a point where we already get tired of some of them.

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But not when it comes to the exact date when Apple finally releases the iPhone 5. In typical Apple fashion, the company is keeping mum as to when we will first officially lay our eyes on its new baby but that has never stopped several carriers in taking advantage of the iPhone 5 brouhaha and have began taking pre-orders for the device.

With a lot of reports from different sources correlating and corroborating each other rather nicely in pointing to October 21 as the most probable iPhone 5 release date, it came as a no surprise that mobile service providers have began accepting pre-orders even without confirmation as to what the iPhone 5 looks like, what components are under its hood and most importantly, what is it capable of.

One of these carriers is Deutsche Telekom. A spokesperson for the company has already confirmed the news that it will begin doling out “Premier Tickets” to its existing customers beginning today. Getting a Premier Ticket will give you the chance to purchase the iPhone 5 from Deustche Telekom as soon as it gets released.

Those existing customers of the company who are lucky enough to have gotten one of these tickets will get to buy the device on a first come, first served basis. For those interested in obtaining an iPhone 5 Premier Ticket, they can get in touch directly with Deutsche Telekom or visit its retail outlets to be able to avail of these tickets as these are not available on the service provider’s online store.

Despite this move being designed to get a lot of attention, the company is also keeping mum about the Premier Ticket offering. No advertising on a large scale was done to accompany the move either. Because of this, a lot of people are speculating that Deutsche Telekom is only acting on rumors about the supposed October 21 launch date of the iPhone 5 since Apple has had a long history of not giving a heads up to its carrier partners about release dates of its products.

With the move to begin offering the pre-orders, Deutsche Telekom is actually hitting two birds with one stone here. Not only does it make the phone more enticing than it already is but has also succeeded in devising a way of minimizing the long queues outside their store premises once the iPhone 5 hits the Deutsche Telekom shelves, not to mention having a way to deliver the product more efficiently.

As for the exact release date, we still haven’t heard a peep regarding that. All we have left to do is cross our fingers and hope and pray that the rumored October 21 launch turns out to be true and twiddle our thumbs while we eagerly await the time when we can finally get our hands on the next generation iPhone.