“Check In” Is the Least Popular Activity Among Smartphone Users [STUDY]

Geo-social services such as Foursquare allow smartphone users to check-in to different locations. According to a recent study carried out by Pew Research centre, this is the most unpopular activity among adult smartphone users.

After analyzing activities of 2,277 adults, the results show that a staggering 92% use their smartphones to send text messages and take pictures, while only 12% of the adults use their smartphones to avail check-in services.

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Geo-tagging locations while browsing Facebook and Twitter is also very unpopular among the masses. According to the study only 9% of the internet users and 14% of social network users tag their current location along with their posts.

The results should not be surprising to anybody because earlier surveys also depicted the same results. According to another survey by Pew Research centre only 4% of adults who use the internet use location based services whereas they use 1% of these services on a particular day.

This new study solely focused on mobile check-ins. But despite this the number of check-in service users did not jump and only 5% of the total smartphone users use these services.

Check-in services have not been able gain any type of popularity in any aspect. This might because of the fact that they are not exciting enough to please the common man. Let us know in comments if you’re one of the user of these services.