Back To The Future: How Technology Travels Through Time

Back To The Future: How Technology Travels Through Time

The crazy thing about innovation and technology is that we always want to go back a decade or two with it. What would the 70’s be like if iTunes let disco fans have a classic rock collection on their home network? Would people dress as ridiculously in the 80’s if they knew their photos would be up on Facebook? Would Nirvana be the legendary force it is if kids in the Midwest had Spotify to access to The Pixies, Husker Du, and Mudhoney?

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While we can’t take Doc Brown’s time machine back to these eras, we can take our current technology and give it a retro twist with some cool products and apps that have recently hit the market.

TDK 3-Speaker Boombox

Back in the 80’s, you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing a group of street kids blasting The Beastie Boys “License to Ill” through a cassette boombox while break-dancing on a cardboard dance surface. It’s hard to imagine this happening today because cassettes are obsolete and iPods are generally for private use. The folks at TDK have solved our problem of a lack of urban dancers with their new 3-Speaker Boombox which allows owners to plug their iPhone directly into the device, haul it up on their shoulders, and blast jams throughout the neighborhood.

Instagram Retro Filters

One of the most popular iPhone apps is the Instagram photo filter service. The app allows you to take pictures from your iPhone camera then instantly dress them with retro-styled filters. According to PC World, Instagram has released a version 2.0 which makes it 200x easier to use the filters and will give users the ability to make their own custom filters.

Instagram allows users to filter their photos and instantly upload them to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare.

Fujifilm FinePix

In order to get the most out of your retro Instagram photos, you’re going to need a camera that fits the aesthetic. The Fujifilm FinePix gives you the feel of a classic lomography with the modern conveniences of a digital camera. If you are getting serious with your photographic skills, this camera is a good addition to your iPhone for digital uploads.

The camera itself offers functions like HD movie capture, panoramic shots, blink and smile detection instant Facebook and YouTube tagging, and face recognition.

iPhone Rotary App

Can you imagine Don Draper on an iPhone? No? Neither can we. The good news for all of you wanna-be Mad Men is that there is an iPhone app designed for making rotary calls. Instead of just clicking on a contact, you can make yourself look as poised and authoritative as Don Draper by ringing people by hand.

The next time someone tells you that a certain decade was the best decade, pull up your new app or device and tell them that it never even ended.