Audi To Introduce A2 Electric Concept Car At 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Audi will not leave itself behind when every other car manufacturer is flaunting their new concept cars that they will introduce in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show 2011.

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Audi’s latest concept is the electric A2 concept which is a compact four-seater long range performer and uses the technology as well as the designs of the future.

Audi has been using its LED lighting technology successfully in its previous range of cars and now the company is advancing this technology into the next generation. The headlights of this car will boost a high resolution, efficient, non-shinning and low beam light modules.

The tail lights are however unique and new. They will feature laser lighting and also diodes that will project a beam of light while also adapting to the wheather conditions. The brake lights are pressure sensitive and will illuminate according to the pressure applied on the brake pedal.

We do not know what will power the A2 but Audi promises a blend of distant driving range as well as performance. We will have to wait and see if Audi is able to deliver what it has promised.

[via AutoBlog]

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